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Sales Tips & Insights

Best of Sandler Training North Florida

Treat Salespeople Like Customers

As a Sales Manager it is your job to create the right environment for selling. The way you treat salespeople is exactly the way they will treat their customers. Aaron Novak of Sandler Training North Florida discusses how to treat salespeople like customers. 

Referrals Are Gold. Ask!

Referrals are easier to get than golden nuggets, but just as valuable and free for the taking – just ask! Watch as Sandler Training North Florida discusses how to nail a referral.

Become Like Your Prospect

Everyone has a preferred “Channel of Processing” in a buying situation. When the channel of the salesperson and the buyer don’t match, alter your terminology and be like your prospect. Pat McManamon of Sandler Training North Florida teaches you how to become more like your prospect. 

Pain Solutions Sell

A mistaken assumption for sales presentations is, if you educate the prospect about the product, he will buy it. Knowing the prospect’s pain before you make a presentation, and finding solutions to that pain, is a much better way to make the sale. Learn as Pat McManamon of Sandler Training North Florida tells you how to connect with your prospect's pain.

Say No to Mutual Mystification

Many sales meetings can seemingly be filled with “substance” and “progress," but in reality, nothing is accomplished. That is Mutual Mystification, and it happens when you or the prospect are convinced that you know exactly what the other meant. Get rid of mutual mystification! Hear from Sandler Training North Florida about avoiding mutual mystification. 

Sales Begin at the End of Your Comfort Zone

Every salesperson has a comfort zone. Fear of failure is how you stay in. Risking failure is how you get out. Get out of your comfort zone with Sandler Training North Florida.

A Better Approach to Cold Calling

Cold calling can be a dreaded task for every salesperson. To get better results you need to understand your prospects' point of view, capture their interest, and engage them in the conversation. Learn a better approach to cold calling from Sandler Training North Florida.

Similar Buyer or Difference Buyer: What’s Your Prospect?

If you can determine how a prospect makes a buying decision, you are three quarters of the way there. Ask questions to figure out if your prospect is a similar buyer or a difference buyer and make your presentation accordingly. Learn how to determine the difference with Aaron Novak of Sandler Training North Florida.

Permit the Prospects to Sell Themselves

Prospects want problems solved. Help the prospect solve their problem by asking questions. Let the prospects sell themselves; be there to make it happen. Listen as Aaron Novak of Sandler Training North Florida teaches you how to solve your prospects problems. 

How to Handle Negative Prospects

Negative prospects are created everyday by salespeople who try to badger them into buying. But turning a negative prospect into a positive one can be easy. Learn how to handle negative prospects with Aaron Novak of Sandler Training North Florida.

The Importance of Daily Prospecting

A daily and diligent prospecting plan that is reasonable and doable is the best way to accomplish some serious prospecting. Watch as Pat McManamon of Sandler Training North Florida discusses the importance of daily prospecting. 

Objections: Overcoming and Eliminating

Overcoming objections is a key skill for every salesperson, but eliminating objections is even better. Figuring out what the prospect is looking for and why is a great way to begin to eliminate objections. Watch as Pat McManamon of Sandler Training North Florida teaches you how to overcome and eliminate objections. 

Answer Every Question With a Question

Make an effort to discover what the real question is by reversing. It can be easy and a great way to get more information. Learn how to effectively answer every question with a question from Pat McManamon of Sandler Training North Florida.

People Do Not Buy Features and Benefits

People do not buy features and benefits, they buy ways to overcome pain. Listen as Sandler Training North Florida teaches you how to listen to your prospect and discover their pain.

Sell Your Customers Everyday or Watch Them Walk Away

A common belief of salespeople is that once you have a customer, that customer is yours for life. Know that your customers are someone else’s prospects. Sandler Training North Florida believes that you must sell your customers every day or you will watch them walk away.

Dealing With Buyer's Remorse

Buyer’s Remorse is giving the prospect a chance to un-buy once he or she buys. Make sure you allow the customer to express doubt while you can still do something about it. Watch as Sandler Training North Florida teaches you how to deal with buyer's remorse.